Monday, December 14, 2009

Your going to hate me: this is WAY over do its SCARY!!!

Hey guys! I know I haven't updated in a while but I'm telling the truth when I say that I have had no time! Sorry this is way overdue, but I don't think scary ever goes out of style. This would have been the Halloween spread but as you can see it is December so we'll just put it at "that bump in the night may not be Santa Claus." Anyway enjoy the Death in December theme! xoxo

I love how this little pyro-model is wearing this really hardcore bejeweled hat and then has on this little dainty dress. Its nice to mix it up now and then, and for this season I would encourage you to bring out the big jewels and wear it with someone simple and elegant it will really make a statement.

Now in this spread there will be a lot of fishnet material or threadbare knits and this look became haute when Rodarte did it in 2008. Besides from being total grunge it kind of gives of this "fairytale princess who was chases by a dragon" look to it because the more string leggings and clothing are made from this fuzzy, knit material.

Laced Grudge

"her face was open like the sky."

Head in the Clouds

Dora Mojzes is a young Hungarian designer who just graduated from the University of Art and Design Department of Textile in June 2008. Her aim is to create the image of a 21st century woman. A woman who in her opinion has high standards, is open and self-confident, one who is successful in work and can be feminine. Mojzes' aim is to create garments reflecting the style, the attitude, and the emotions of the individual. The latex and architectural figure of these clothes seem very grunge but they seem to have very feminine silhouettes. I could imagine Lady GaGa wearing one of these pieces.

This model's appearance looks very ghostly due to her fluorescent skin, her eyes ringed in a smoky blue and her lips the faintest hint of pink. Her hair is a little bit bedraggled and she is wearing sheer clothes with soft hemlines.

This is an incredibly interesting editorial by Fantasticsmag called "Playing Dead." I love the use of the patterned items paired with coral or sage heels and the different textiles used.

This is an editorial from the magazine Dazed and Confused called Transformer. All the clothing used in this shoot is incredibly unique and whimsical.

This bra is definitely inspired by Madonna! Plus I love how it is in black latex!

Manish Arora is a famous designer that created this incredibly well crafted carousel dress. He started out in India and has, in recent years has collaborated with Keiichi Tanaami, a japanese artist, Walt Disney, and Subodh Gupta, an indian contemporary artist. Manish has also recently showcased his Autumn/Winter 08-09 line at Paris Fashion Week. I adore this dress!

This is some of Michael Clough's photography where his model sports some feathery eye fringe. So emphasizing the eyes is incredibly alluring plus it adds a touch of mystery behind those thick lashes. With this particular type of lashes I think it would look great in one of Rodarte's collection. Since some of their collections is inspired by horror films I think, paired with one of their mohair and wool tattered sweaters plus these super long lashes would give the model a "lost doll" look and give the model a more haunting gaze.

Plus I love the sequined tops that the model is wearing. Tip: I see them all the time at Flea Markets! they are really fun to throw on if your going to a party or clubbing, they really add something special to an outfit.

black latex bondage dress with cool structured shoulder pads.

Anyway I hope you like this post! I know it took me FOREVER to put up but since I have two weeks off for winter break I plan to spend quite some time on this blog!
xoxo Lex