Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Post!!! Street Cred

Hey everybody! My name is Lex and I decided to start my blog at the beginning of sophmore year! I got the idea for this blog because I was just collecting masses of amazing photos and I think that everybody should see them! I also love writing which isn't so bad since u can write AND share photos! Anyway I adore fashion and someday want to be in the fashion industry.

Street Cred: I am starting off my blog with some photos of cool sidewalkers who have great style! They are from around the world and they all don't categorize in to one style or one fad of the moment! What's a cool theory is that you don't have to always go with the fad of the moment, these people have individual styles that look good on them but maybe aren't the latest trends!

Since I live in LA i have to say its an LA take on Gossip Girl, the leopard jacket, dress, and tights are very cute and i don't want to say preppy but just paired together makes the outfit very tame, while the red patent leather Doc Martens give this outfit a boost!
This may just be my favorite outfit ever worn by Louise Ebelle! I adore this coat more than life its self and I love how she paired it with some cool frames and a fringed bag!
Alexa Chung my fave british fashionista with the name alexa has some amazing style! I love how she keeps it simple with a classic blue blazer and then spices it up with some cool bejeweled shoes!!! (see her in Nylon magazine's October issue showing of the latest fall fashions)
Classic grey trench with a modern silhouette, a chunky necklace, and some crazy blue heels make this office outfit pop!
I know you are going to hate me for this but before I became a pro at categorizing pics I just took them from random sources and websites and blogs and completely forgot who their names are. So this great girl has her own blog and i love this very 80's outfit that she does with the oversized denim top tied at the waist with a silk scarf tied around her neck, very parisian!
This is a model either wandering the streets of Italy or France, whichever city she is in she looks tragically cool with her furry vest and classic Chanel bag.

Anyway this is the first post of many! enjoy! xoxo

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  1. Dear Lex,
    I am so honored to have helped inspire such a wonderful blog. I love nerds too and read the Peaches article in Nylon that you posted about! I can't wait to see what else you feature! I am so glad we can be blog friends! XOXOXO

    -Jenny Brew