Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sid and Nancy, revival of grunge and punk

Hey everybody! second post! So a couple of days ago I saw the movie Sid and Nancy. It was so good! Not only was the music amazing but the fashion and style that the Sex Pistols, groupies, and followers had were amazing! I'm sure the movie sexed up how cool the clothes were but I was totally inspired! So right now I am crazy about the colors: red, black, and white, and the fabrics, patterns, and materials: lace, fur, leather, leopard, flannel, knitted, sequined. I even got some red beat up Doc Martens at the Rose Bowl flea market to satisfy my thirst for grunge and punk. I also have some zipper pumps and leopard leggings that would look good too. Anyway here are some of the pics that i choose to represent my mood for P&G (punk and grunge). Enjoy! I'm also going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show on saturday night! any thoughts on how I should dress?

Daphne Harlot

Cecilia Rodarte

Harper's Bazaar Editorial

love the ensemble!