Friday, January 1, 2010

Airport Aversion

So I have a little bone to pick with the airports. Their security is so annoying! Ok, I know its for everybody's safety but seriously when I am going through the scanner and i have to take off my shoes, my jacket, my belt, and my jewelry, put my cellphone and laptop in separate containers, and make sure that all of my toiletries are less than 3.2 fluid ounces! Its exhausting I have to unpack and repack everything and pile everything on top of me so I don't make the other 100 people in line after me wait I'm seriously sick of it! And god forbid if you have fluids over 3.2 fluid ounces or you forgot to take out your tweezers from your toiletry bag! Now you have to go through another whole search! I am not even going to get in to that! Our security will probably evolve to be so critical that we'll have to do strip searches if we have an ounce of metal on us! Sorry I just needed to rant about that for a while but seriously I don't think a 15 (almost 16!) girl is going to throw her life away and many others by carrying a bomb in to an airport! And what is even more ridiculous is that they even have the audacity to check my 9 year old sister because she accidentally packed scissors! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE AHHHHH! ok so here is an editorial that really glams up the whole airport ordeal. What is your worst airport experience?

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