Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vacation Vocation

On a vacation you have a relax. I was actually lucky enough to be flown to Hawaii for the holidays with my family. Sadly I had some other duties to do there such as study for my california permit, write essays, and read Wuthering Heights for Honors English. Thankfully I managed to to do everything on my list that leads to total relaxation and then I able to do my tasks more efficiently. Even though I really didn't want to do them at all. Homework on vacation makes me gag! Ok so here are the must-do's for a holiday in the sun! I think the thing I mostly needed was sleep!

This is probably what my hair looked like in the sun before I got it highlighted and the flower behind her ear is so adorable. I think Hawaii is probably the best smelling place on earth because of all the flowers and trees and it rains all the time!

Ok the first thing you need to do when you enter a tropical beach land on a vacation is to rush to the water to dip your toes in to the ocean. Not only is it refreshing but the sand and the rocks will gently massage your feet! Plus wearing those floaty dresses is a great item to pack for the trip because it will keep you from getting too hot in the day and it will flatter any figure especially if you're pigging out on the hotel's speciality fruit smoothies (cough cough me).

Even if its overcast outside don't hole up in the hotel room, go to the beach when it may be less crowded plus its especially good for pale skinned people like me because then we wont get as burned as we would on the beach normally! But still remember to put on sunscreen because you could still get burned. Hmmmmmmm isn't that annoying?

Playing games in the waves is ALWAYS my favorite thing to do.

Spa treatments are probably my favorite thing to do! Massages are probably the best thing to do to get relaxed and facials will rejuvenate your skin. And when you go back to the workplace or school everybody will be staring at your glowing, healthy face. Since I went to Maui and luckily the hotel that was next to mine had a Kate Somerville Spa!!! I definitely had the best facial of my life at that spa!

Ok so here are a few helpful tips to get your body and mind in the relaxation mode! Hope you had fun on your holiday! xoxo

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  1. Hey Lex! I am so honored and happy that my blog helped inspire you to start your own blog! I really like all your posts. I think you have a good eye for pretty pictures. I am excited to have a new blogging friend. All the best! XOXOXO

    -Jenny Brew