Friday, February 26, 2010

The Young Lex

I have a thing for historical movies, especially the ones that tell the stories of past women! I love learning about the women who shaped our culture and in a mostly male society stood out as a founding figure in history. Women who have power and take control, or women who are the center of attention, and regardless of all the criticism they receive, still stand tall and are confident, amaze me! The women I really look up to are the ones who are brave enough to put themselves out there and do what they love and say what they believe in. Queen Victoria and Marie Antoinette are two women who really stand out to me. Queen Victoria really was the first women ruler who made a significant difference in Britain, she expanded her empire and industrialized England, creating a gold era of peace and prosperity. She kept the country war-free and made alliances with powerful european countries to keep the peace everywhere! Marie Antoinette, not so much, but she did have an amazing sense of style and although a little indulgent and not very intelligent she did have a knack for throwing some amazing parties! Two movies that I love are Marie Antoinette directed by Sophia Coppola (my favorite director who has an amazing eye for detail and pulls you in to a world of elaborate, nostalgia infused desire) and a recent movie that came out called The Young Victoria with Emily Blunt in it. Now Young Victoria is amazing and it doesn't really focus on the historical part of her life, but the romance between her and prince albert (which is amazing)! Anywho this post is not only about women who are powerful and confident but I also want to include myself in this post! It took a lot of courage on my behalf to start this blog. It's hard putting something up that you love, that is the baby of your imagination, desire, sweat, tears (from the endless hours of searching online for these photos), and sheer passion for editorials and just the fashion world in general. I am sorry i couldn't phrase that better, it sounds really cheesy! But i love it and it took me a year and 4,792 collected photos to finally create this blog! So even though these women were very controversial coming in to power, in the long run the support they received improved their performance (although i cannot say that about marie antoinette)! So what I am trying to say is that I need your support! So if you can subscribe or just read or comment on my posts and tell me what's up that would mean the world to me! What I have in this post are editorials from Vanity Fair with Emily Blunt in them, a marie antoinette inspired editorial (that was actually in the movie The September Issue), pics from the movie Marie Antoinette, and just some fun royal photos! enjoy xoxo

Harper’s Bazaar Romania | Isa Asklof by Sylvie Malfray

Emily Blunt is Regal in 'There Will be Beauty' for Vanity Fair


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