Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cars: Weapons or Works of Art?

I have been studying to get my permit for a long time! But on March 2nd I will get my learner's permit! Which is really exciting because I cannot wait to get more freedom and go where I want when I want to. I know that I will be a responsible driver and I know that being a good driver is very crucial to be safe on the road. So wish me luck!

And before I go to the pretty pictures of girls in cars I would like to touch on a more serious topic. Friday at 7:20 in the morning a 13 year old girl was crossing the street to get to her school bus and she was hit by a car and then run over by another. I know you hear about all these stories on the news or on the internet but this girl was my sister's friend and since all the schools in the area are really close-knitted it hit my school, the people in my school, and just the Los Angeles school district in general, very hard. She will not be forgotten and her death is a warning and a reminder to us all that while cars are the outcome of brilliant technology to transport us anywhere! They are also weapons, when not used properly could endanger or end somebody's life.

Please be safe! xoxo

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